The Preemptive Chili

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6 thoughts on “The Preemptive Chili

  1. I’m away this January but very aware of the public launching of Suppers and Logical Miracles. At least l have Dor’s book with me to guide me and share with my grandchildren. Thrilled to read about the library event! Bravo! The good news is spreading.

  2. With this comment, I lose my blog virginity. (Any who knows me understands how electronically challenged I am.) At Suppers meetings we are doing lots of green velvet soup recipes to pack in those greens. The mushroom man — who sold out in about two hours at the winter farm market at the D and R — sold me the most glorious mushrooms, which we worked into the green velvet. Here’s the recipe:

    • Sounds like a very successful and delicious evening! So glad you were able to get the mushrooms you needed last weekend from Chad at Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms. They’ll be at the next Slow Food Central Jersey Winter Market on 2/19 at Tre’ Piani.

  3. Nirit really captured the “taste” and “feel” of this event. How exciting that there was standing room only for a program that teaches about whole foods and health and how food can help us heal from many dis-orders of both the body, mind and even spirit! It’s hands-on learning coupled with support, sharing, friendships and delicious meals! What could be better?

    Contact us at to find out how you can get involved in this non-profit, free-to-users program where the only cost is that of the groceries for your meal. There are on going meetings all over Central NJ.

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