The Best Pork I’ve Ever Had

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2 thoughts on “The Best Pork I’ve Ever Had

  1. I need to hear more about pork. By far the most transporting olfactory memories are the ones that take me back to the sizzling bacon, the apple-stuffed suckling new year’s pigs, and crisply skinned roasts of my childhood. After years of anti-fat indoctrination and time in therapy restoring my belief in the therapuetic value of meat and fat from healthy animals, why have I still left pork off the list! I think I need to follow my own advice and keep the focus on the SOURCE.

    • Hi Dor,
      I think the way food is raised is just as important as the way it is cooked.And if the love and care that go into cooking have good energies and healing powers, all the more so the love and care that go into growing it….harder to source, but worth the effort and money…

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