Scallops, Carrots, Apples – an Eno Terra Recipe

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4 thoughts on “Scallops, Carrots, Apples – an Eno Terra Recipe

    • Hi, thank you for your note, definitely worth an explanation. At the restaurant the chefs use indoor grill which many home cooks don’t have. We adapted the recipe to pan searing, to make it more accessible. You can use the grill, of course. Make sure it is very clean and lightly oiled before you sear the delicate scallops. Thanks again for your helpful note.

  1. The sage pesto sounds delicious! Still have lots of sage growing in the garden, a few farmer’s market pink lady apples left from pie baking (they are tart but i think they’ll be OK with the sweet carrots)… So I am making this tomorrow! I may cheat and use already pureed (and frozen) carrots. Oh, and I’m skipping the scallops. So I guess I will be making a whole new recipe, but thanks for the inspiration…

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