Local Wilds Tamed in a Pudding

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6 thoughts on “Local Wilds Tamed in a Pudding

  1. A few years ago when my kids were younger, my son Sam had a project to do for his history class. He wanted to make a typical Colonial American recipe since that is what they were studying at the time. He decided on Wild Persimmon pudding because we had headed into the woods to collect them before. So, we trudged out to our favorite small persimmon grove on a nice cold fall day and collected loads of them from the ground under the trees. We got home, rinsed them off and then proceeded to remove the meat from the skins and seeds. The meat is very sticky and the best way we found to do it was to simply put them in a collander and squeeze them through our fingers. It was a fun and huge mess. I don’t recall the exact recipe we used, but I do remember it was very tasty. So, thanks for posting another recipe, it sounds delicious. With all wild fruits as Thoreau said, they should be labeled “To be eaten in the wind.”

  2. Since we don’t know where the forest is, and we may have missed the season anyway – where can you buy persimmons? The recipe reads delicious, it may replace the cranberry bars i was planning to make for thanksgiving dinner!

  3. Someone came in the library a few days ago, trying to identify what turned out to be persimmon. Had I read this beforehand, I could have pointed him in the direction of your blog as he started researching recipes. Thanks for this, Nirit!

    • Hi Kristin, funny I just saw persimmons in 2 places today: Terhune Orchards and Nassau St. Seafood. Apparently there are local persimmons out there…

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