Health from Community

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8 thoughts on “Health from Community

  1. Nirit you have captured Suppers! Don’t Indians say the love is in the woman’s hands and rubs off into the food? (Probably men’s too.) I think the flavor does the same thing. Thanks for this post.

  2. Thank you for such a great Suppers event! The movie was very interesting and the library setting charged us for learning! Thank you to so many folks for the education and support that Suppers brings to those seeking a better and more vibrant life! The Suppers program has helped me to find new and interesting ways to incorporate whole food preparation into my life. I even prepare a green smoothie every work day! The comradery shared at Suppers meetings is second to none! Thank you!

  3. Suppers is awesome! I learned how to chiffonade kale and spiralize zucchini, but it was the warmth of the amazing group of woman that had me coming back. Thanks Dor!

  4. A Taste of Suppers was a huge success- tremendous interest, enthusiasm and so many new people eager to learn!! Thank you dear Momo family and The Whole Earth and the Princeton Library and the cooks who prepared such splendid offerings!!!! Last night was an example of community at its best- people of all ages sharing and connecting vibrantly and generously!! Thank you Dor for enriching and transforming my life and for all you do to make the Suppers program the brilliant beacon that it is!!

  5. What an amazing night at the Princeton Public Library sharing Suppers style whole foods, smoothies, chills, stews, salads, slaws… spiraled zucchini “noodles”!!! Bringing community together over health and healing is what Suppers is all about… lots of learning, support and sharing all without a trace of judgment. WE meet everyone exactly where they are at. Thank you Momos and Whole Earth Center for all that you provide to support Suppers meetings and helping us spread to word!

    Suppers has been a huge support in my life living with diabetes and I love sharing it with everyone who comes through our doors and homes and libraries and farms… where ever Suppers meetings are held!

  6. I really enjoyed the movie presentation and the food (even though healthy) was fabulous :o) I learned a lot and intend to begin my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to everyone who put on this wonderful event!

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